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Mini Review: The Fine Art of Pretending by Rachel Harris

Guilty pleasure kind of read, one that made me kind of giggly despite the ridiculous and not to mention clichéd premise of 1) makeover transformation, 2) pretend boyfriend and 3) best friends falling in love. The third hooked me. Friends falling in love has always been one of my favorite story lines. Harry and Sally? Dawson and Joey? Yes, please! The teenage giggling is mostly thanks to boy-next-door Brandon, who loves his mom and is good at math (Excelling at calculus -- so hot!), a guy … Read More...

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Review: Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

Love Letter to Ava Dear Ava, You remind me of youth, of uncertainty and invincibility, of friendship, discovery, and first kisses. You remind me of the many shapes of love and that falling in love feels like flying, and that the pain of breaking up is almost physical, like your heart is being twisted up. […]

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Speed Views #1: Francine’s Contemporary Month

Speed Views is a new feature here on The Not-So-Literary Heiresses. We got the idea from Speed Dating, where participants are supposed to give as much information about themselves as quickly as possible. So we got thinking…what if we do that process but we review books instead? The result is this feature. Enjoy!   So last September, I […]

The Emperor's Soul Brandon Sanderson

Book Review: The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

I think I would Love Brandon Sanderson’s works no matter what length it is. From the more-than-a-thousand-page Way of Kings to this less-than-200-page novella. Seeing novellas that feel so complete seems to be a rare thing to find, but I think Sanderson always knows how to deliver. I have yet to find a book that […]


Revew: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

It depresses me a little when reviewers that I look up to or my sister differs in opinion from me. Chalk it up to my need for approval, cultivated from a lifetime of being the younger sibling. Anyway. The good news is that, it looks like I’m part of the majority on this one! I […]

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The Prodigal Blogger’s #Giveaway!

I have a confession. I haven’t really been busy with real life. I haven’t been pulling overnighters at work, nor have I been engrossed in my role as wife. I haven’t been spending that much time with my real-life friends either. Instead, my hours are being eaten up by the mundane: books that I don’t […]

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Do you like reserving books?

  Do you like reserving books? I’m talking about brick-and-mortar bookstore here. I’m not really sure if a lot of people still prefer this. I think book shopping is difficult for some countries so they choose convenient online stores. But anyway, let’s talk about those local bookstores we so love. My favorite bookstore is one […]


The TBR Tag

I don’t really have the time to do a proper review right now so thank you Joy of Joyousreads for tagging me! The TBR Tag originated from a collaboration between Danasquare and A Perfection Called, Books – driven by their curiosity on how the rest of us manage our piles. To this I say…Management? What Management? […]


Blogging Slump Recap: What I’ve Been Doing

On my last post and WOW that was two weeks ago, I confessed that I was in a much dreaded blogging slump but thanks to fellow readers and bloggers, they shared a ton of great tips in getting out of it (thank you! ^.^). One of said tips is for me to just do something different, preferably something […]


Andrea Laurence’s Facing the Music: Book Spotlight + GIVEAWAY

FINALLY! Facing the Music by Andrea Laurence release date is coming, and I am so excited because this is one book contemporary-romance lovers must not miss. I’ve said it before and I am saying it again, this book is not hard to like and fall in love with. It has humor, drama, music, and second chance […]

Rethinking Paperbacks and Hardbacks

Bookworms love their little libraries. I, myself, dream of having a huge one with all the books I could find. I think everyone even dreams of having the Beauty and the Beast library. However, right now, it feels like something I should leave for the future. I have been an excessive book shopper, and I […]

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Final Update: Read ALL THE BOOKS (+ PH Giveaway)

I posted about this challenge here and here. August is over~ And I read a lot of books. I know it’s something to celebrate, but I’m having a hard time appreciating it due to things that happened to my loved ones recently. I posted about that on my personal blog if you’re interested. But anyway, I […]


Oh Hello There, Blogging Slump (but hey, giveaway!)

Okay, so maybe it’s not as bad as this GIF. But I am in a blogging slump. Dun DUN DUUUUUUUN! That’s right, folks. I’ve reached that dreaded slump bloggers fear as much as reading slumps. I have been reading quite regularly but as I’m a bit busy with a new project at the moment, my […]

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