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Review: Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Although New Adult is not exactly my favorite genre, there are four reasons why I don't totally cross it out of my reading list. Nowadays, I would only read a New Adult title if: I read and enjoyed the author's previous books. The blurb interest me enough to not mind that it's NA. It has been recommended by reviewers/bloggers/readers I trust. It's anything but contemporary. This book falls under Reason #1. I first met Willa in Protecting What's His, an adult romance novella that … Read More...

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Review: Mistaken Identity by Breah Elise

I randomly 1-Clicked this book when it was free. It was not recommended to me and I am not familiar with the author but I was interested to read about a relationship that started out purely sexual and physical and I wanted to see how it would develop into romance. Unfortunately, this book failed to […]


Graphic Novel Review: Emily and the Strangers (Volume 1)

Although this is my first Emily the Strange graphic novel, I have always liked her as a character. For those who are not familiar with who she is, here’s her official description on her website: Emily is: An Artist, A Dreamer, An Inventor, A Scientist, A Skater, A Rocker and An Individual! Emily’s not your average […]


Mini Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This review is spoiler-free but expect minor spoilers for Obsidian, the first book in the series.  I can be a bit of a procrastinator so it took me awhile to finally review the second installment of the Lux Series and I was originally going to rate it 4 stars but I’m going to bump it […]


Mini Review: Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulbert

This is my first Elizabeth Eulberg book and I absolutely loved it! This funny, romantic, feel good story is told in alternating POVs between Macallan and Levi. The two best friends ponder the point of whether boys and girls are capable of being just friends and share the tale of their friendship from seventh grade […]

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Great Tutorials & Templates for Blogger Book Blogs

About a month ago I listed awesome resources for self-hosted WordPress book blogs. I’ve noticed though, that there are also a lot of book bloggers who still prefer their blogs to be hosted on Blogger and I can totally understand why. It’s FREE, it’s stable and it’s very easy to navigate and just like WordPress, […]

Musings: On Facts and Opinions

I first got wind of this particular controversy when I read a post from a fellow blogger who wasn’t directly involved in what happened but who shared her opinion about it. From reading her post, this is what I’ve concluded went down: Goodreads User asked another reviewer for her eARC of a highly anticipated book. […]

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{Cover Reveal} Kendare Blake’s Mortal Gods

  Today we are featuring Kendare Blake’s upcoming book, Mortal Gods. None of us have had the chance to read the first book in this series but Anna Dressed in Blood is one of Amir’s all-time favorite books so she’s a big fan of Ms. Blake’s writing. So, without much further ado, we reveal the […]

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