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Audiobook Review: Save the Date by Sadie Grubor

The first book I've read of Sadie Grubor is Falling Stars and I ended up loving it even though I'm not really a big fan of rockstar romances or of angsty romance books. So when I got a request from her to review the Modern Arrangements Trilogy, I admit that I did a bit of fangirling over the fact that she sent a review request. Of course I'm going to accept it! If you read romance, the premise for Save the Date isn't really original. In fact, I can name A LOT of Harlequin Present titles with … Read More...

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Review: One Kick by Chelsea Cain

One Kick is actually the first book I’ve read of Chelsea Cain so I can’t really compare it to her Gretchen Lowell Series but I found this one depressing, frustrating and disturbing…in a very good way. I don’t know if the word enjoy is the right term to use of my reading experience because  it dealt with highly disturbing […]


Review: Merciless by Danielle Vega

I do admit that the very first reason I wanted to read this book was because of one review – Giselle’s at the Xpresso Reads. She talked about how she felt like screaming at the book’s happenings, and that made the horror fan in me very, very curious, indeed. I like the thrill of being scared […]

Don't Fall Rachel Schieffelbein

Review: Don’t Fall by Rachel Schieffelbein

Contemporary and retellings are my favorite genres, and rarely do I see books that fall under both (or maybe I just haven’t found them yet) so I was really looking forward to reading Don’t Fall – a contemporary retelling of Rapunzel. It wasn’t much though – not that good, not that bad, not that special […]


Review: Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Welcome to the Dark House felt very much like a slasher film. You are introduced to a group of misfit characters who’ve been lured together in a location in the middle of nowhere and if you’re like me who watch a lot of said films, we all know that not everyone will survive. In this case, we get seven essay winners of […]

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Gushings and Ravings #3: K-Dramas You Might Want To Try

Gushings and Ravings is a feature here on The Not-So-Literary Heiresses wherein we share our current obsessions or all-time favorite anything, so they may or may not necessarily be bookish. The only prerequisite in this is that we love it and thus, we just want to share it to the world. Hopefully, you’ll check it […]

Musings: Blogoversary or Blogiversary?

I’ve seen a lot of people celebrating blog birthdays and seen both variations of the term. Congratulations to all you lucky people for reaching so far BTW. Anyway, I’m not really sure which one is the correct one or if there is a correct one. We’re in a generation where anything can happen. I actually […]


Event Recap: #StephaniePerkinsInPH

Due to bad experiences in the past, I wasn’t setting my hopes up for the Stephanie Perkins book signing event by National Bookstore. But I actually found that I had a pretty good time. It wasn’t perfect, but definitely better than the last one I attended. At 9PM on June 5, National Bookstore tweeted that […]

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Splintered paperback trio

Francine’s Birthday Giveaway

I turned 21! *gasp* I feel like a real adult now. Not really. Anyway, I will not waste your time much so I’m putting the giveaway first. You can read the rest of my ramblings if you so wish PLEASE CHECK THE TERMS & CONDITIONS PART to see which countries (arranged alphabetically) this giveaway is […]


Goodbye FeedBurner Giveaway! Win a $15 Gift Card!

After much deliberation, we have decided to let go of FeedBurner and switch to Jetpack for our mailing list. As Jetpack is in-house and developed by WordPress, I think it will be a better match for our blog. It will also be easier for Wordress.com account holders to subscribe and follow us. I will be […]


Guest Post: When Will I See You Again? by Joanne Rock

Continuing Characters in a YA Series Let’s take a quick poll! You just picked up the first book in a hot new series by one of your favorite YA authors. There is a heroine and a maybe-hero—things get heated now and then between them, but the ending is no happy-ever-after, thank goodness, since the characters […]


Update #2: New Co-Bloggers! Welcome Ella, Faye & finally, Francine!

Update #2: And my search for co-bloggers has finally come to an end! Everyone, please welcome Francine from Always Lost in Books into the fold! YAY! Thank you for accepting my invitation to be part of this blog! I can’t wait for your reviews and discussions! Update #1: Woohoo! We have Faye of The Social […]

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